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Work-Life Balance – Is it possible

Work–life balance is a hot topic at the moment with more employees placing extra value on a guaranteed start and finish times and less on monetary figures. Salary is no longer the predominant factor for jobseekers when considering a job offer. It seems that everywhere we turn, there are blogs, books and videos which guide us on how we can achieve this elusive idea of work-life balance; all while exercising regularly, eating healthily and getting those extra non-existent hours for sleep. We are told that if we just find the right daily schedule, organise ourselves and set some definitive boundaries we can have it all!

If you’re reading this and stressing out because you spend more time in the office than you do anywhere else, just take a step back and reassess where you are in your career, where you want to go and prioritise this accordingly with your home life.

Is a true “balance” actually possible?  

It’s relative, dependable and completely situational. You could be the most ambitious and driven individual wanting to become the CEO of the next multinational company or you could be happy making a living and not taking on more than what’s detailed in your job description. It’s all about how you measure YOUR happiness and success, regardless of the type of job you have. What makes you content might not make the next person happy as you will both have different goals and objectives of what you want to achieve.

Yes it’s definitely harder to have extra time for your “life” if you’re on a path to the peak of your career, but perhaps you still have that “balance” because you live and breathe your work and might not value your time elsewhere as much?

Of course if you choose to have children you will want more time to spend with them but if you assess your priorities and adjust your lifestyle accordingly, hopefully you can still find a “system” that suits you – it might just not be the perfect idea of “balance”.

Technology disrupting the norms of work environment

In terms of striking a “balance” between your work and home life, the two are becoming intertwined now more than ever before. Technology, and the accessibility it brings, is disrupting the traditional norms of the work environment, making it more and more difficult for you to leave your “work” at your office desk. However, in some cases, it also gives you the flexibility to work from your kitchen/home office table and be more accessible to your children.

‘Unlimited Holidays’ Is this really a Perk?

Lots of tech start-ups are now offering “unlimited holidays” as a recruitment perk but do not get sucked in by this when job searching. Would you actually be brave enough to tell your manager that you’re taking the whole summer off? The offering of unlimited annual leave will bring an increased expectation from you to bring your work on holiday. When given an unlimited choice, often employees will decide not to take advantage because it’s too hard to figure out the right amount to take. Maybe I’m cynical but do not be lured into a position by this façade as it will not necessarily assure you a perfect work-life balance!

“if you choose a job you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life”, so just think of that before you choose your defined career path!!

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