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Wondering How You’ll Survive The Office Christmas Party?

Wondering How You’ll Survive The Office Christmas Party?

Tips For A Fantastic Night Of Festivities…


1. Dress to Impress

Who doesn’t love an excuse to glam up? The festive season is the perfect excuse to rock a glitzy dress, fun tie or glittery heels & let your festive flair shine through, but remember… keep it somewhat professional. Look your best even in party mode!

2. Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Your company/boss is taking you out to thank you for your hard work & commitment throughout the year, so enjoy it!! Indulge in some mince pies & turkey, have a tipple or two (but know the one that’s one too many) & most importantly have fun with your work colleagues, let your hair down, get into the holiday spirit.

3. Mingle

The office Christmas party is a great time to get to know your colleagues out of the office! Go talk to Tom from accounts who you only ever say “Hi” to in the corridor, he could turn out to be your new best friend…but be sure not to overdo it on the work talk!

4. Dance, Dance, Dance

Hit the dancefloor & have a boogie to your all-time favourite Christmas tunes, not only is it an excellent way to burn off some of those calories you may have over indulged on, but it also give you a break from drinking alcohol… helping you out with pacing

5. Stay Safe

Have a plan of action for getting home safely. We recommend pre-booking taxis & staying in a group. Don’t leave any man (or woman) behind…all for one & one for all!!

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