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Office Rules – Unspoken

If you are relatively new to working in an office environment, then take a look at our top tips on how to act appropriately in this environment/setting.

The Do’s and Dont’s

  • Avoid eating smelly foods at your desk in close proximity to your work colleagues, or if you are, open a window to let in fresh air.
  • Keep your phone on silent and check it only if necessary. Your co-workers won’t love your phone buzzing every few minutes. Remember you are at work to do your job, and not to scroll through Facebook or respond to multiple WhatsApp messages.
  • Have respect for others – be conscious of how you behave and work. People have different work styles so be mindful of this.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s better to ask questions to check if something is right than do it wrong! But remember, everyone makes mistakes and you can only learn from these.
  • Be creative – come up with fun things for team building exercises such as bake offs, cake sales, charity events, marathons etc. This is a good way to get to know your colleagues as well as strengthening/developing your working relationships.
  • It is always important to keep the office environment clean and hygienic. Bacteria builds up and spreads scarily quickly, so clean up and keep the bugs away! Make it a habit to personally give your desk a good clean on a Friday afternoon. A fresh desk on Monday is a great way to start a fresh week. Also, clean up as you go in the canteen and don’t let cutlery build up on your desk!
  • Be yourself and have fun! Be sociable and interact with your work mates. At the end of the day, you spend a lot of time with your work colleagues so be friendly, helpful and approachable. Make work enjoyable for yourself!

Lex Consultancy 

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