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5 Reasons To Continue Your Job Search Over Christmas

5 Reasons To Continue Your Job Search Over Christmas

Beat the January job hunting rush and get your CV in early!

1. Many job seekers choose to take a break from their search over the Christmas period, meaning less competition during December! Get ahead and increase the odds of shining through as a star candidate by booking an appointment with Lex Consultancy.

2. Those who are due to begin new jobs in January tend to work out their notice periods and finish up with their old role in mid-December for an extended Christmas break with family and friends. Thus leaving companies with many positions to be filled.

3. As the Holiday season is often filled with parties, outings and many employees taking leave, you may think companies close or suspend business during this time. This is not the case for many companies and for some it is the time when Hiring Managers are busy catching up/ planning their resourcing requirements for the year ahead.

4. Many HR departments are allocated set hiring budgets for each year which cannot be carried over to the next year. Therefore many companies work on enhancing their divisions with new staff before the end of December.

5. The Holiday period is the perfect time to utilise your time off, rewrite or update your CV  and take stock of your work experience and skills. Work on a fresh strategy for landing that dream job! After all…new year, new you!!

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