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What Is The Future of Recruitment?

Digital Recruiting vs Traditional Recruiting…the Future of Recruitment, Our thoughts…

We’ve all heard it… the robots are coming! Truth be known they have been here for quite a while now, but at Lex Consultancy, we are firm believers that the ability to match people to jobs is an art that a computer cannot manage!
Understandably, every industry must move and change with the times, and in 2017, recruitment is undoubtedly one of those sectors. More and more large-scale, particularly EMEA corporations, have begun introducing virtual screening & interview processes. Candidates can now be entirely screened and vetted digitally, before ever being invited to take part in an interview, sometimes a timed video interview. Many companies perceive this new approach to recruiting as a cost and time-saving measure, but what is the impact of utilising this?

Are Candidates Left Feeling Like Just a Number?

The turnaround time may suit candidates who are living a fast-paced lifestyle, but what about those candidates who may not be tech-savvy, those who aren’t part of the millennial era” or those who are simply having technical issues they cannot control?  Are candidates left feeling like just a number” before they even meet their future employer? Could this new approach to recruitment causing typically confident and well-presented candidates to come across nervous or anxious in recorded interviews as they are pushed from their comfort zones? Could potential superb candidates be overlooked with this new approach?
Adapting to new approaches in recruitment is undoubtedly valuable for recruitment companies. Offering candidates a diverse style of interviewing methods is, without doubt, beneficial, particularly for candidates who are unable able to attend face to face interviews.  At Lex Consultancy, Skype and Facetime interviews are becoming the norm to facilitate conflicting schedules, however, we’ve enjoyed over ten successful years of meeting, screening and interviewing candidates in person to match people to jobs and will continue to do so. 

What do our recruitment consultants think?

 I think how technology can help with the recruitment process is amazing. The way we source candidates, arrange and hold interviews and process applications; can be made so easy by technology. I don’t think, however, that computers will ever eliminate the need for recruiters to match people to the right jobs with the right clients. Computers can’t replicate the human touch!” Aoife Larkin, IT Recruitment Consultant
“One of the most necessary things when recruiting for a role is ensuring that you get the correct fit’, for both the candidate and the client. A computer algorithm will never be able to find out what makes a candidate tick or what makes them want to jump out of bed in the morning and go kick-ass at work. At Lex Consultancy,  we get to know who the candidate is as a person, learn all about their brilliant experiences and then match them with one of our clients who have similar requirements so that the candidate can be successful & thrive in their role. Of course, technology can speed up the process of recruitment, but it is missing that key factor that human recruiters provide.“ Rebecca O’Connor, Corporate Business Support Recruitment Consultant
With Lex Consultancy’s knowledge, contacts and resources, we consistently deliver a high-quality recruitment service to our clients and candidates across Dublin and outside of Dublin. Lex Consultancy has earned a solid reputation as the go-to recruitment partner in many sectors including; IT, Corporate Business Support, Legal, Risk & Compliance, Accountancy, Finance, Marketing and HR.
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Future of Recruitment