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Lex Consultancy’s Tips for Changing Your Career

Lex Consultancy’s Tips for Changing Your Career

Thinking about a career change? 

1. Assess your present career & working situation: List the aspects of your job that excite you. Identify the tasks that you enjoy and try to pinpoint your passions and interests. Ask yourself what you like and dislike about your current career. Focus on the things that give you job satisfaction and whittle out the things that dissatisfy you.

2. Think about it logically, do you really need a career change? Making a career change is a big step, consider finding a new role in the same industry or in a similar field first. Is it possible that a new job might be exactly what you need, after all, it is easier to move into a new role you are experienced in than it is to move to a completely new career.

3. Consider your finances: Take into account that moving careers can impact your finances, if you’re moving into a new career with a lack of experience, you could be potentially facing a decrease in salary. It may take a few years working in your new career to make it back to the salary level you are currently at.

4. Consider taking a course:  You may require new skills and attributes to be successful in your new career. Research educational opportunities, consider taking an evening course or doing an online course that will benefit you and your move.

5. Network: Join professional groups specialising in the industry/career you’re interested in. Ask experienced experts for advice and career suggestions. Contact Lex Consultancy and speak to one of our Recruitment Consultants who will be happy to assist with future job applications and offer career advice.

6. Do your research and give it a try: Spend some time researching, see if you can source volunteer and casual activities related to the new career. If you are interested in PR or Marketing, try to get involved with the advertising side of local community events or if you’re interested in working with people, volunteer to work with charitable social/sporting events.

7. Update your CV, cover letter & LinkedIn profile: When the time comes to apply for new jobs, rewrite your CV & cover letter. Update your LinkedIn profile and keep it consistent with your CV. Focus on your new goals and ambitions ensure you portray them well particularly in your cover letter as well as on your LinkedIn page.


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