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How to make yourself more marketable

Are you beginning your job search or considering starting it soon?

There is more to finding your dream job than submitting numerous CV’s to every job you see online. Before you begin your job search, do the ground work and build your brand across your LinkedIn profile and CV – market yourself, build your brand on LinkedIn.

See our tips on how to make yourself more marketable.

  1. Build your brand on LinkedIn and mirror it across your CV. Base your brand on specific positions that you want, make it specific and targeted.
  2. Research! Look up LinkedIn users who have similar jobs to the one you want; get ideas for your own brand on LinkedIn from other users.
  3. Update your LinkedIn profile to ensure that all skills and projects are included from your previous and current workplace.
  4. Ensure your LinkedIn profile photo is professional and up to date.
  5. Write a human-voiced CV, bring your personality across on the page. Tweak your CV for each job that you are applying to but ensure to keep it in line with your LinkedIn profile.
  6. Consider publishing a blog post on LinkedIn. Write your blog around a topic in your field that you care about. Also, contribute comments to other blogs and publications in your area, this will help to grow your credibility. Find out how to write your first blog post.
  7. Recommendations! Build your recommendations on LinkedIn, leave recommendations for your past and current work colleagues and they may repay the favour. See HubSpot’s formula for LinkedIn recommendations.
  8. Research salaries in your area and at your level, this will allow you to confidently request a salary range during interview stage or when dealing with a recruiter.
  9. Know your industry! Read blogs in your area of expertise, stay up to date on new trends and terminology. This will really pay off in an interview when you can show your understanding and give your opinion on current trends in your field.
  10. Keep your skill set up to date. In today’s market, no matter what field you work in, employers look for tech savvy employees. Continue to expand your CV, sign up to a class to update your skills in your area and/or improve your computer skills.
  11. Who do you want to work for next? Create a list of companies that you can see yourself working in. Research those companies and market yourself towards those companies.
  12. Networking! Attend as many networking events in your field as you can, this is always a great opportunity to market yourself. You never know who you could get talking to.
  13. Take care of yourself! Plan your days to make sure you get enough sleep each night, incorporate healthy meals into your day and make sure to exercise regularly.

If you are at the stage where you are ready to begin your job search please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our consultants.