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Temp of the Month – August 2017

Congratulations to Kelly McCann who has been awarded August Temp of the Month!


Kelly has been temping through Lex Consultancy since June 2017. Kelly was originally assigned her temporary role for six weeks, but has now been offered a two month contract, a true tribute to the fantastic level of work she is doing. Kelly’s managers have given excellent feedback on her & were delighted to nominate her for the Temp of the Month title! Kelly was presented with a Lex gift box, sash and a bouquet of flowers from Appassionata flowers by Sharon Griffin (Lex Consultancy).

Congrats Kelly, we’re all so proud of you! Keep up the hard work!


Lex Consultancy Temp of the Month

Temping with Lex Consultancy
Temping is ideal for those getting back in to the workforce, those between jobs or if you are just not sure of that your next career move should be. Temporary roles can be more challenging and varied. It is also a great way to experience new company cultures and gain further skills.

There are a number of things that you should look at when looking for a temp job:

Preparing your CV
Ensure that your CV is fully updated with your work experience as well as all skills and qualifications that you have obtained. Your consultant should have an up to date copy of your CV at all times.

Your Recruitment Agency & Consultant

It is very important that you get the best out of your recruitment agency. Firstly, deal with an agency that specialises in your area of work. By dealing with agencies who recruit in your area of expertise, you can keep a tighter control of your job search and build up a relationship with your consultant. Always meet with the consultant that will be looking after your job application. Ensure to meet them face to face to go through what it is that you are looking for in your next assignment. When you meet with him/her, give them a clear understanding of the type of work that you will consider from the outset. Remember to discuss start times, locations, salary required etc.

Be Professional

If you need to cancel an appointment with your consultant, let them know as soon as possible. If they have set up interview(s) for you with client(s) and you are unable to attend, it is important that they are notified immediately. Remember that they have recommended you for interview and you are not only jeopardising your reputation with a client but theirs.
Remember the image that you portray to your consultant is the image that they will use to endorse you to their client. Make sure it is a good one!