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5 Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job In 2018

5 Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job In 2018  

New Year, New Career, New You!

1. Update Your CV Your CV might be the most important document you write this year, so it is worth spending time on. Review your CV, update your dates of employment, double check grammar & spelling. Reflect on how your job responsibilities have changed; amend and highlight skill set accordingly in line with the job you WANT.

2. Invest time in your LinkedIn Page – Your profile should be updated every couple of months, ensuring there are no discrepancies between it and your CV. It is a tool to market your skill-set and allows you to highlight why you are valuable to employers. Connecting and expanding your LinkedIn network is important, so ensure to keep your profile updated and it’s the content professional at all times.

3. Build a relationship with Lex Consultancy  Our Recruitment Consultants are dedicated and enthusiastic in their approach to working with candidates. Make an appointment to meet one of our consultants & work with them in confidence throughout your whole recruiting process, avail of interview preparation, coaching and be represented professionally for positions with organisations that match what interests you.

4. Reach Out To Your Referees – Rather than contacting previous employers out of the blue at offer/verification stage, keep the lines of communication open; consider simply wishing them a happy new year!

5. Positivity – For some, searching for that dream job can take a while, sometimes rejections mount up and it can be easy to become disheartened. Persistence is essential during those times and it will pay off.



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