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5 steps to make your legal CV stand out to potential employers

5 steps to make your legal CV stand out to potential employers

Jo McAndrew is a Senior Legal Recruitment Consultant with over 15 years’ experience of assisting legal support staff in finding their dream job.

She recommends the following to ensure a CV stands out to potential legal employers:


1. Areas of law: Clearly list the areas of law you have worked in and emphasise your knowledge within these areas throughout your work experience.

2. Case Management Systems: Highlight any and all of your case management systems experience. Mentioning your experience with programs such as eXpd8/Eclipse etc. can make you a very desirable candidate.

3. Levels: Be clear and precise about the levels in which you have provided support, whether you’ve worked with solicitors or partners and give details on the types of teams you have supported. Legal Secretaries who have worked within 1:3 team environments are considered most desirable.

4. Spelling and Grammar: Law firms employ high calibre employees and expect them to have excellent written communication skills. Ensure your CV has no grammar or spelling mistakes!

5. Information Overload: Keep your points concise. Incorporate the use of bullet points where necessary and elaborate on significant points.

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