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Senior Standards Development Manager

The Mental Health Commission is an independent statutory body established in April 2002 under the provisions of the Mental Health Act 2001 (“the Act”).

The principal functions of the Commission, as specified in the Act, are to promote, encourage and foster the establishment and maintenance of high standards and good practices in the delivery of mental health services and to take all reasonable steps to protect the interests of persons detained in approved centres. The Commission is also empowered to undertake such activities, as it deems appropriate to foster and promote these standards and practices.

The Assisted Decision-Making (Capacity) Act 2015 (“2015 Act”) provides for the establishment of the Decision Support Service (“DSS”) within the Mental Health Commission (“MHC”) as part of a new legal framework that reforms the law in relation to the treatment of people who require or who may shortly require assistance in exercising their decision-making capacity. The DSS forms a key part of the new legal framework for both the provision of information and the regulation of the diverse forms of assisted decision-making arrangements.

The Commission is seeking a Senior Standards Development Manager to join the Standards and Quality Assurance Team to oversee the revision of its Rules and Code of Practice on the use of seclusion, physical restraint and mechanical restraint in mental health services in line with international best practice. The Senior Standards Development Manager will be responsible for managing a dedicated project team to produce revised the revised rules and codes and overseeing all stages of production through to publication. This role will report to the MHC’s Director of Regulation.

This is a 12 month contract at Assistant Principal grade: €66,495 (non negotiable unless you are serving civil servant).


In addition to the person specification, the ideal candidate must possess, by the closing date, the following:
• Relevant degree qualification or equivalent in public administration, social policy, mental health, health and social care or a legal discipline
professional qualification in specified health or social care professional discipline.
• A minimum of 5 years’ experience in a similar role.
• Experience in a Management role.


• Experience in the development of standards for mental health, and/or health and social care services.
• Experience in project management.
• Possess a knowledge of relevant standards and quality improvement and patient safety methodologies.
• An awareness of the legislative framework the Mental Health Commission works within.


The role involves the following key responsibilities and duties:
• Ensuring that the published rules and codes are managed on behalf of MHC from creation/review through to publication, ensuring highest levels of scrutiny in terms of evidence base and stakeholder engagement and consultation.
• Managing and overseeing the project’s budgets, reporting, and business planning.
• Managing two Higher Executive Officer level project team members.
• Providing oversight and governance of the development of the rules and codes.
• Providing leadership in ensuring that the rules and codes are fit for purpose and will lead to improvements in the care of people using mental health services.
• Ensuring that the rules and codes align with national policies, legislation, and the MHC’s strategic direction.
• Developing an evidence-based methodology and governance arrangements for the project.
• Developing the scope of the rules and codes, ensuring that they are in line with international best practice and national requirements.
• Reviewing and advancing the rules and codes at key milestones.
• Ensuring that the project team members are fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.
• Overseeing the coordination and management of all research methodologies used.
• Overseeing the establishment and management of an expert advisory group and engagement with key stakeholders.
• Overseeing the coordination of focus groups, forums of consultation and analysis of data that are produced from the forums.
• Producing written reports and/or presentations as required.
• Achieving defined business plan objectives and compiling and presenting information which demonstrates compliance with these objectives.
• Attending and contributing to all relevant meetings as appropriate to the role.
• Undertaking other duties and responsibilities as may be determined by the Director of Regulation to support the implementation of the Commission’s business plan.


The Senior Standards Development Manager must have a track record of delivering in the following key areas of responsibility:
• Demonstrate excellent communication skills both verbal and written.
• Demonstrate excellent planning and organisational skills.
• Promoting a culture of teamwork through building effective relationships.
• Ability to identify issues of concern and problem solve.
• Ensuring that deadlines are met through the effective use of time management.
• The ability to work with multi-disciplinary team members and stakeholders to facilitate high performance, developing and achieving clear and realistic objectives
This list is not exhaustive but serves to reflect the nature of the duties included in the role. Given the nature of the organisation and the need to respond to change on an ongoing basis, the role is subject to change over time.


At the closing date, applications must be able to demonstrate that they possess the skills/competencies identified as being important to the role. These are:
• Leadership
• Analysis and Decision Making
• Management and Delivery of Results
• Interpersonal and Communication Skills
• Specialist Knowledge, Expertise and Self Development
• Drive and Commitment to Public Service Values


The Senior Standards Development Manager is accountable to the Chief Executive of the Mental Health Commission and reports to the Director of Regulation.

In order to be considered, please forward a CV and cover letter to Lex Consultancy for review.

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